International Restaurant Brands Coming To Toronto

A new year comes with a lot of excitement and anticipation of what the future holds. The Toronto restaurant scene is also in this anticipatory phase, as a number of prominent international restaurants are wetting their feet in Canadian waters. The influx is significantly expanding Toronto’s restaurant diversity, which is a game changer for the city. Let us take a look at the most anticipated restaurants set to launch in Toronto in 2024.

6 Restaurants To Look Out For In 2024

1. Mott 32

Labeled as one of the best Chinese restaurants in the world, Mott 32 has created a name for itself in its ten years of existence. Originally located in Hong Kong, the brand has spread its presence to other cities, including Dubai, Las Vegas, Cebu, Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Seoul.

They’re moving into the Momofuku spot at 190 University Avenue. Famous for their Peking Duck, Mott 32 is the most awarded Chinese restaurant in the world and is the first Chinese restaurant brand from Asia to be franchised internationally. No opening date has been set, but anticipation is understandably high.

2. Shake Shack

Established in 2004, Shake Shack is known for its signature ShackBurger from which the smashburger craze sprung, essentially changing the North American burger landscape forever. Finally crossing the border, we can’t wait to get our very own location. Even though Toronto has numerous fast food joints, Shake Shack is still guaranteed to stand out because of its history, OG status and crinkle cut fries. Opening date and location are yet to be announced.

3. Nobu

Initially slated for 2022, Nobu has finally decided to open its Canadian branch in Toronto. Japanese Chef Nobu Matsuhisa and Hollywood giants Robert De Niro and Meir Teper own the restaurant known for integrating traditional Japanese dishes with Peruvian cuisine.

Nobu is a favourite in New York, London, Dubai, Malibu, and Tokyo. Now, Toronto finally gets to enjoy their unique blend of Japanese and Peruvian flavors, a welcome addition to the city’s vibrant food scene.

Nobu is creating more than just a restaurant in Toronto, they’re building an entire tower. The new Nobu restaurant and condos are going up on Mercer Street. Slated to open later this year.

4. L’Avenue

L’Avenue, popularly known in Montreal for serving the best brunch, is bringing its 30 years of experience down to Toronto this year. It is slated to be on the upper floor of The Well, 583 Parliament Street, Toronto, an already active location in the city.
The restaurant’s opening will draw significant attention from locals eager to experience their widely acclaimed brunch menu.

5. Blue Bovine Steak & Sushi House

The Blue Bovine Steak & Sushi House is set to begin operations in February 2024. The restaurant will be located near Union Station, seamlessly introducing fine dining into a rejuvenated space, aligning with the ongoing beautification efforts in the area. Toronto residents can expect seriously decadent dining in the 10,000-square-foot structure.

6. GRETA Bar

Going by its solid presence in Calgary, Vancouver, and Edmonton, Toronto is in for a treat with the opening of the arcade bar in the city. Not only does it have some of the best arcade games in the country, but it also serves amazing street food to keep its patrons glued.

GRETA bar is expected to be open by the Spring of 2024, just in time for the Restaurant Canada Show in April. The bar is situated at 590 King Street W, Toronto, and will occupy two floors of a 12,500-square-foot venue, providing enough room for their more than 50 arcade games.

Toronto has the most vibrant food in the country and our restaurant scene is more than ready for these incredible new additions in 2024. From innovative menus to captivating dining spaces, this year promises a feast for locals and visitors.

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