How to give your Toronto restaurant star curb appeal

What’s not to love about patio season in Toronto! The whole city seems to be outside celebrating summer, enjoying some food and drink with friends or family. So, the question is – is your venues outside space as inviting as it can be? Is it a place that you would be more than happy to sit for a while? Are there any other ways that you can make it more alluring to attract more customers?

Creating a space people want to be in

It’s all about making a space where customers choose to be. People sitting outside your venue will act like a magnet in pulling other customers in too! Creating a space, large or small, for people to sit and enjoy isn’t rocket science. Here we look at just a few ways to get you started and improve that valuable money-making space outside your bar or restaurant. Just a little effort can go a long way, so what have you got to lose!

Well maintained and clean

Top of the list is a well-presented clean space. Customers will immediately judge you on the outside of your venue, so if it appears dirty, ill maintained or unnecessarily overcluttered, that’s an immediate turn-off. During the day and evening keep a close eye on your outside patio space to ensure it always remains well maintained, clean and inviting.

Clear signage

Is your signage looking worn and dated? Can customers clearly see your menu as they stroll by? Investing in eye-catching, high-quality signage shows that you are serious about your business and want customers to know who you are. Making sure that your menus are easily accessible and visible at curbside will tempt passersby to stop and browse.

Good seating

Customers do not like flimsy plastic seating that looks like it could easy give way, or that they could stick to! Invest in good quality, comfortable chairs, and tables that are sturdy and easy to sit around, with parasols and bases too if your venue benefits from direct sunlight. Customers that have a great experience sitting outside your venue will return back and will recommend it to friends and family too.

Use greenery

Unless you are naturally blessed with greenery at your venue, it’s time to invest in some to make your outside area more attractive. City dwellers and out of town visitors will all appreciate the added touch of potted bushes, trees and flower displays as they sip their drinks and eat their meals. Creating a green oasis will add a touch of class and luxury to your outside space and make your venue stand out from the crowd.

And lighting too!

Of course, your outside space will attract evening visitors too, so having good lighting really can make all the difference. There are a whole host of outside lighting options – from spotlights to string lights. Choose your outside lighting carefully to ensure that it enhances and does not interfere with customers’ experiences. Lighting should be used to create an ambient and inviting outside space.

Create something unique

As customers stroll by looking for the best possible place to eat and drink, give your venue the cutting edge with something that catches their eye. Use unique décor, such as art, sculptures, a water feature perhaps – anything that makes you stand out from the crowd and reflects your establishment’s cuisine or personality.

To summarize…

Look at the outside of your venue with fresh eyes. Would you want to stop there to eat and drink? The outside of your bar or restaurant is like your shop window – customers will decide within a few seconds whether they want to venture in or walk away. Keep on top of the game to ensure your outside space is always kept well maintained, clean and inviting. Customers will appreciate every effort you make to give a good impression. Don’t also forget to freshen your efforts up regularly and keep up with any new ideas that competing venues are using.

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