What We Do

CHI Real Estate Group is your trusted source for COMMERCIAL, HOSPITALITY, and INVESTMENT REAL ESTATE™.

Let’s Find Your Next Commercial Real Estate Property. We make commercial sales easy


We are hospitality business brokers™ that can help you navigate the mountainous terrain of commercial real estate.

Let us be your trusted guide to good decisions, with first-hand insight that’s second to none and years of experience in the field.


Yeah! We Sell Restaurants ™

Hospitality Real Estate™ is our specialty. In fact, the CHI team is dedicated to making this city better one restaurant at a time! From ‘mom and pop’ to ‘multinational chains’, from helping clients achieve their dreams of opening their first restaurant to fast-growing franchises, we’ve helped all types of buyers and sellers maximize their money in the competitive game of Hospitality Real Estate™ with our specialized industry knowledge.


Real estate is a KEY component of a sound portfolio. Ask Warren Buffett. The reason is simple – land is a finite resource and they’re not making any more of it! An added bonus is the potential for rental income and a place to park your money that outpaces inflation. Contact us for a consultation today!

Our business is 90% referral based. Contact us to find out why!


We offer a diversified set of skills, experience, and knowledge to franchisors who are committed to significant franchise sales growth.

After listening to your goals and objectives, we will directly participate in the course of actions that achieve them. We can manage all components of the franchise sales process efficiently, effectively and professionally. Each step along the critical path to a successful sale is attended to with enthusiasm to keep the prospective franchisee involved and satisfied with each result.


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