Canadian Chef Steals The Show at Emmys

Matty Matheson of Fort Erie, Ontario Canada went home with a big smile after the Emmys Awards on Tuesday, 16th January. The celebrity chef turned actor is also a producer on the famous FX show – The Bear which swept the awards. As a producer he was part of the team taking home an actual statuette for outstanding comedy series. Something no chef has ever done in scripted television history.

Matheson delivered the acceptance speech which included a rather unexpected moment that went viral. Just moments into his big speech, the celebrity chef was interrupted by his co-star on Ebon Moss-Bachrach, who let his lips do the talking.

It was yet another award for the FX show- The Bear- one of the big winners at the 75th Emmy Awards bagging no less than 6 trophies, including outstanding comedy series. However, one can hardly say that the win is getting as much attention as the lip lock. It made the cover of the Los Angeles Times Today, and Matteson’s speech is still trending online.

Matheson plays Neil Fak, the maintenance man turned front-of-house staff at The Original Beef of Chicagoland restaurant. But the Emmys isn’t the only place where the show shines. The show also bagged the Golden Globe for Best Comedy and cleaned up at the Critics Choice Awards.

Matheson has long been a star in the food world, well before The Bear came along. He has hosted numerous cooking shows on Vice TV such as the well-known reality show- Dead Set on Life. He is also the owner of a series of successful restaurants in Toronto, as well as Rizzo’s House of Pam in Fort Erie.

The Mayor of Fort Erie publicly congratulated Matheson on behalf of the town :- “I extend Fort Erie’s congratulation to Matty- a great hometown success story,” says Wayne Redekop, Mayor. Matheson also took to Q to talk with Tom Power about the kiss, saying “It was nice, I think it could have kept going.”

Matty was born in Saint John, New Brunswick and lived in Nova Scotia to the age of 11, when they moved to Fort Erie. He began his culinary career in 2003 at Le Sélect Bistro, under chef Rang Nguyen. He later worked at La Palette and Parts & Labour. He got his first show with Munchies under the Vice Media banner. He hosted Dead Set on Life and It’s Suppertime for Vice, has appeared on late night talk shows and signed with WME in 2021, before joining the cast of The Bear. He currently owns or is partnered in 11 restaurants in Ontario, the most notable of which are Prime Seafood and Rizzo’s House of Parm, both listed in top ten and best of lists last year.

In his speech, instead of thanking God or his agent, he talked about his love of restaurants. That’s one message we can definitely get behind.

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