Which Restaurants in Toronto Made it to the Michelin Guide in 2023?

Getting into the Michelin Guide is a feat worthy of applause. The second edition of the 2023 Michelin Guide, announced on the 27th of September 2023, revealed the addition of two Toronto restaurants to the already 13 restaurants in Toronto recognized as star restaurants by Michelin.

The list also included two new green stars, the first sets in Toronto. Michelin also recommended restaurants that, although not given any stars, were recommended as worthy spots worth a stop.

In 2022, Toronto was recognized as the sixth North American Michelin-starred destination, and the first in Canada. Anonymous diners visited many establishments across the city, from top-end restaurants to more casual family-owned venues.

The Michelin Guide

An exclusive method of evaluating restaurants is used by the Michelin Guide – its Michelin Stars, which are revered all over the world. One to three Michelin Stars are awarded to restaurants, depending on the quality of their food. There are five criteria determine the stars:

  • The ingredients used
  • The chef’s personality in the cuisine
  • The harmony of flavours
  • The consistency between visits
  • Mastery of cooking techniques and flavour

The ambiance, table settings, and service of a restaurant are not factors that inspectors consider when deciding on a star rating.

A restaurant can receive a Green Star award for their dedication to sustainable culinary practices, while Bib Gourmands are given to restaurants that provide good quality at modest pricing.

New Michelin-starred restaurants

Two restaurants have joined the highly regarded class of Michelin-starred restaurants in Canada. Kappo Sato and Restaurant 20 Victoria.

Kappo Sato

Kappo Sato is a place where the depth of Japanese culinary culture is preserved and brought to a Canadian audience. The art of Kappo can be traced back to traditional Japanese cooking techniques that value the seasonality of ingredients, precise knife work, and meticulous boiling. Mastering Kappo cooking techniques requires 10 to 15 years of training to properly deliver impeccable services.

Chef Takeshi Sato leads a team of vibrant chefs who are set about preparing multiple meals for the service of their customers. Sato adds a modern twist to the ancient art that meets the needs of a more modern client base. To cap it all, exquisite ingredients flown in from Japan are used to recreate original dishes and are handled with the delicate care they deserve. All in all, Kappo Sato is deserving of its first star from Michelin.

Restaurant 20 Victoria

Chef Julie Hyde runs restaurant 20 Victoria, and it is located in a quiet part of downtown Toronto. It is the place to go if you are in search of top-notch seafood offerings. Unlike the boisterous nature that accompanies restaurants in the heart of Toronto, 20 Victoria gives customers a mellow and thoughtfully curated menu that exudes the warm demeanour of its chefs.

Julie has a small team of dedicated chefs committed to maximizing its local ingredients to heighten the seafood offerings, amongst others. The team also permeates their meals with their warm and welcoming hospitality, leaving their customers in awe of the sincerity of their craft. Restaurant 20 Victoria is a small restaurant that has won the world’s heart and surely deserves its first star from Michelin.

Kappo Sato and Restaurant 20 Victoria join the likes of Aburi Hana, Alobar Yorkville, Don Alfonso 1890 Toronto, Frilu, Quetzal and more. This increases the number of Michelin star restaurants in Toronto to 15, with Sushi Masaki Saito being the only 2-star restaurant.

Michelin Green Star Awardees

Two restaurants in Toronto were also awarded the city’s first Michelin Green Stars.


Frilu, alongside retaining its one Michelin Star, was also awarded a Michelin Green Star, for its commitment to sustainable gastronomy within the culinary community. John-Vincent Troiano, a passionate chef who understudied great chefs like Japanese master chef Hashimoto and has gained experience in famous restaurants like the 3-Michelin Star Benu in San Francisco, has put his heart into creating beautiful culinary experiences for his customers.

Frilu’s consistency as a leading restaurant is evident in its ability to naturally infuse Japanese elements into its French and contemporary dishes, thanks to its passion for excellent meals. Its Willowolf Farm is also a testament to its commitment to sustainable gastronomy, and it sources its meat and vegetables from its farm.

White Lily Diner

White Lily Diner earned a 2023 Bib Gourmand award and a Michelin Green Star. Owned and run by Ben Denham and Ashley Lloyd, White Lily Diner has a farm that supplies the classic restaurant with its ingredients. The farm also supplies other restaurants in Toronto, including other Michelin Star restaurants. White Lily takes its organic approach to its farm process seriously. They avoid the use of organic pesticides, focusing more on natural solutions to pests like insect netting. The farm also uses purely hand tools for its farming process. It has more than earned its green star with its focus on sustainable gastronomy.

Other Michelin recommendations

There are other restaurants across the city that provide affordable food and quality service that received a Michelin recommendation. These include…

Mother’s Dumplings

Mother’s Dumplings is a Chinese restaurant that has been serving Toronto since 2005, providing rich Chinese cuisine and earning awards along the way. Besides the rich Chinese influence on Mother’s Dumplings offerings, they also promote sustainable food produce, avoiding food colourings and any form of artificial taste enhancements, preserving the natural items they offer.


Canoe is another stellar establishment in Toronto that has made its way into the Michelin Guide recommendation. Ron McKinlay’ Canoe ensures Canadians enjoy high-class contemporary Canadian cuisine in a scenery that heightens the modern dining experience.

The Full List of Michelin Star winning Toronto restaurants

Two stars:
Sushi Masaki Saito

One star:
Kappo Sato (new addition)
Restaurant 20 Victoria (new addition)
Aburi Hana
Don Alfonso 1890
Enigma Yorkville
Kaiseki Yu-Zen Hashimoto
Osteria Giulia
Alobar Yorkville

The dining experience in Toronto is being elevated daily by its hardworking and industrious chefs, and this is evident in the global recognition of their efforts. While there is more to give, we are proud of their accomplishments.

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