The Leading Toronto Restaurant Trends For 2022

The Leading Toronto Restaurant Trends For 2022

From the increased prevalence of ordering online delivery to the restrictions brought on by the pandemic, the restaurant industry has run into significant changes this past year.

For better or for worse, we expect the food and beverage industry to experience several new trends in 2022 as businesses come to terms with the staying power of the global pandemic.

Read on to find out more about the new trends impacting restaurants both in and outside of the Toronto area for the coming year.

A Larger Focus onHealth” It’s no secret that the pandemic has been rough on all of us, so it’s not surprising to find that comfort cuisine and alcoholic beverages have seen an uptick in orders.

Drinks can be an excellent addition to any social setting, but the rise of buzzless spirits has also allowed anybody to join in on the fun. Alcohol-less drinks might make a comeback, and we’re starting to see more brands join the trend.

At the same time, more people are beginning to care about exactly what’s in our food. Increased awareness of health and wellness means that healthy foods will enter the spotlight again. For instance, younger customers are considering:

  • Adaptogenic food and beverage
  • Fresher, seasonal goods
  • Smaller portion sizes

Buzzwords like “non-GMO” and “organic” are starting to line the shelves of grocery stores and restaurants alike, as many people are even willing to pay extra money for more healthful options.

Delivery Kits and Subscriptions

While indoor dining is now allowed in many locations, not everyone is quite ready for the change. Instead, some want the convenience of prepared food alongside the accessibility of having it delivered straight to your door.

Meal kits and subscriptions have seen a rise in popularity since they allow you to:

  • Skip the process of planning out meals
  • Remove the need to go grocery shopping
  • Still have the experience of cooking at home

Essentially, you get the restaurant experience right at home. The trend is so popular that studies have shown that meal kit revenue will likely grow to over $13 billion in 2022 worldwide.


Customers are beginning to care more about our impact on the environment and make restaurant decisions accordingly. We should think about how we can reduce our carbon footprints.

Responsible packaging is one sub-trend here. Single-use plastics will continue to be phased out in favor of more sustainable alternatives like biodegradable or compostable boxes and bags.

Touchless Ordering

For obvious reasons, trust in public surfaces has gone down significantly, and more and more people want to use their own devices or contact-less options when interacting with businesses and restaurants.

Even after the pandemic has primarily subsided, most customers will continue to use touchless ordering. Physical touchpoints are being replaced by:

A reduction in disease-related risk was always around in 2021, and 2022 will only continue the trend.

When it comes to trendy types of cuisine in 2022, here are some cuisines that will continue their growth this year

Pan Asian and Middle Eastern Cuisine

International foods like Pan Asian and Middle Eastern cuisine are seeing a boost in popularity. Kebabs are one prominent example that you’ve probably had before. Middle Eastern cuisine combines comforting herbs and spices with colorful flavors.

Pan Asian foods have also started appearing on many menus, combining Chinese, Vietnamese, and other Eastern dishes. Vietnamese Pho is one well-known example.

Vegetarian and Vegan Foods

Less meat is being consumed now than before, and vegetarian or vegan diets are seeing a rise this coming year. Not only are restaurants indicating which items on the menu are vegan-friendly, but they are even introducing newer options to serve those with alternative diets. We’re continuing to see burgers made with plant-based substitutes rather than actual meat gain more popularity.

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