Are We Ready for Cannabis on The Menu in Toronto’s Restaurants?

Are We Ready for Cannabis on The Menu in Toronto’s Restaurants?

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and a little break from all the talk about COVID to back when Cannabis was the hot topic of conversation. Remember those days? Since the legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada in 2018, and the subsequent legalization of edibles in 2019, more and more restaurants have begun to imagine its future-potential as an ingredient on their menu.

Cannabis has a slightly taboo feel about it and there are still several restrictions and important safety considerations that are preventing its use in restaurants – but that hasn’t stopped chefs from dreaming! The thought of opening a restaurant with cannabis-laced cocktails or weed brownies for dessert fills some with dread and others with excitement.

So, are we ready to introduce cannabis into mainstream restaurants in Toronto? And if so, how can we do it? Let’s take a look at some of the creative ideas that are already being discussed and dream a little.

1. Cannabis-Themed Eateries

The first idea is pretty straight forward, cannabis-themed restaurants. Just imagine a menu serving everything from poutine to haute-cuisine, all laced with touches of cannabis to create a heightened experience for the tastebuds.

2. Secret Cannabis Evenings

Last year, The Nomad Cook founded a Nomadic Dinner Series, that offers cannabis-themed fine dining parties. These gatherings are designed to take place in private rooms.

The evenings are filled with THC-infused cocktails and nibbles. In the next few years, can we expect to see this type of event becoming more and more popular in mainstream Toronto culture?

3. Cannabis Bars and Lounges

Cannabis bars were one of the first trend ideas to crop up after the legalization of cannabis. High Bar Hospitality & Event Group and Bad Buffet are two of the first companies to specialize in cannabis-themed bars and events. Both operate pop-ups that offer a range of cannabis products served by highly-experienced “budtenders.”

Right now there are still several restrictions impeding such concepts from fully materializing but if those restrictions change and clear safety guidelines are set, these pop-ups and lounges could one day be popular.

CHI Real Estate Is Cannabis-Friendly

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