8 best foodie neighbourhoods in Toronto to open a restaurant

Dare we even choose 8 neighbourhoods out of Toronto’s multitude of districts where gourmet guzzling can be enjoyed by all?

One thing for sure, if you are looking to open a restaurant in Toronto, you’re completely spoilt for choice. Post pandemic, the city’s restaurant scene is exploding too, as Torontonians and visitors from far and wide come to socialize and indulge. But of course, choosing the right location to start your own culinary offerings will be key to your venue’s success. You may already have in mind what dishes you’ll specialize in, or maybe you’re open minded and looking for inspiration?

Let us help you narrow down your search by sharing what we think could be 8 great neighbourhoods to set up shop…

1: Kensington Market

Does this neighbourhood ever go out of fashion? The casual, shabby-chic vibe from Kensington Market seems to have a universal appeal. That’s why you’ll find a dazzling selection of places to eat. Yes, there is the spill over from neighbouring Spadina, so you’ll find some great Asian cuisine. But, as mentioned a moment ago, this place really does attract everyone, so you’ll also find restaurants offering everything from indigenous dishes to German home cooking.

2: King West

Staying with K, who hasn’t taken a few hours off to take a leisurely stroll along the coffee shop and restaurant lined streets of King West. This is a busy and exciting neighbourhood, with a captured audience of hungry condo dwellers. There’s always some new eatery or bar popping up here amongst the more established venues. Could this cool and happening place be your number one choice to make a culinary success?

3: Koreatown

We’re on roll with K, so let’s bring in another of our favourite places that serves up some of the scrummiest food in Toronto – Koreatown! Positioned not too far from the foodie destinations of Little Italy and Little Portugal, Koreatown comes into its own with a superb selection of eateries on its five blocks of Bloor Street West. Popular barbecue joints and bakeries abound, catering for the steady flow of hungry foot traffic.

4: Little India

OK, so I must admit Indian food is my downfall. It’s because I once spent a few years living in one of the best places for Indian food in the UK – Birmingham! But back to Toronto, and amongst the Gerrard Street grocery stores and saree shops, Little India offers up some super places to taste both traditional and nouveau Indian cuisine. There’s always room for a newcomer here, so could you be the next great spot to tempt the tastebuds of Toronto’s diners?

5: The Annex

Nestled in between Bathurst and Avenue, The Annex wasn’t always a first, second or even third choice as a destination to eat out. But how things have changed, and both locals and visitors are now enjoying some of Toronto’s great new restaurants. This neighbourhood has had somewhat of a resurgence, so perhaps it’s best not to miss out on the opportunities to be had here.

6: Greektown

Many a happy afternoon and evening has been spent by all enjoying the authentic Greek dishes served up on Danforth Avenue. This neighbourhood boasts huge popularity with both city dwellers and huge flocks of tourists that fly into Toronto each year. There is so much great Eastern Mediterranean food to taste whilst soaking up the chilled out and friendly atmosphere. Do you think that this destination sounds like the perfect place for you to set up shop?

7: Little Italy

Well, we couldn’t leave out Little Italy of course! Framed in by Harbord, Ossington, Dundas West and Bathurst, the near perfect square of Little Italy is the home to one of the world’s most loved cuisines. This neighbourhood already has some of Toronto’s most popular restaurants, offering up typical and delightful Italian fare. The Little Italy quarter comes more into its own in the evening time, with diners seeking out venues to kick back, relax, eat and drink. Perhaps this leisurely foodie scene would be more to your liking?

8: Entertainment District

Having once lived slap bang in this neighbourhood fifteen years ago on Front and Blue Jays, I didn’t really see this as an area for dining out, but drinking – yes! How times have changed, and the Entertainment District’s restaurants have grown in number to accommodate the thousands upon thousands of local condo dwellers. There is such a great selection of venues and cuisines to choose from, just make sure you book a table in advance when there’s a game on at the Roger’s Centre! If you’d prefer to set up a restaurant in an extremely busy neighbour catering to locals, sports fans and tourists, then the Entertainment District is for you.

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