5 Free or Affordable Outdoor Winter Activities in Ontario

5 Free or Affordable Outdoor Winter Activities in Ontario

When the snow starts to fall, you and your family might be tempted to keep yourselves indoors all day. However, Ontario is home to many winter activities for anybody to enjoy despite the cold weather, and some of them are free of charge.

Whether you’re visiting or you live in Ontario, there’s a lot to explore in the cold months of the year. Don’t limit yourself to watching TV shows and scrolling through social media this season. Here are 5 free or affordable options to keep you entertained and active throughout the winter.

1. Arrowhead Skating

Arrowhead Provincial Park is home to a winter wonderland. Here, you’ll find snowshoe trails, skiing opportunities, and even skating. Enjoy the evergreen forest contrasted with the bright white snow outside. Whether you’re a beginner or expert skater, this trail is not to be missed.

2. Christie Lake Conservation Area

Interested in snowshoe hiking but not sure where to start? The Christie Lake trail is perfect for the starting hiker, and it’s only an hour’s drive away from the city. The area’s conservation status ensures you’ll always get the lush forest to explore, even in the winter. There are signs everywhere too, so you won’t have to worry about getting lost.

3. Ice Climbing in Bracebridge

Want to feel like an Everest climber without the excessive danger? Deep into the forest of Muskoka, take a thrilling climb across beautiful ice hanging vertically from the cliff. Get some exercise under a safety harness, and you’ll feel like an adventurer in no time. This location on 271 Ecclestone Drive is open in the beginning months of the year.

4. Skating on the Rideau Canal

This location is quite a long way away from Toronto, but it’s well worth the trip if you’re a skating enthusiast. Did you know that Rideau Canal is actually the world’s largest natural skating rink at 7.8 kilometers? This amazing spot is only available during one time of the year, so don’t miss out.

5. Walk in High Park

Recognized as one of the most significant natural sites in Toronto, over one-third of High Park remains in a natural state. A jewel in the city’s park system, residents and visitors can enjoy its many attractions, playgrounds and features year-round. The park has a designated off-leash area for dogs and several paths where dogs are allowed to run free. While the dog park is not completely fenced in it is surrounded by natural borders such as thick bushes and trees.

Create Your Own Adventures in Ontario This Winter
It’s no secret that Ontario has a lot to offer in the way of winter fun. Each of these activities offer a great way for you to spend your weekends leading up to spring.

Don’t be afraid to enjoy all of the natural beauty Ontario has to offer!