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Selling restaurants is our specialty.

In fact, the CHI team is dedicated to making this city better one restaurant at a time! From ‘mom and pop’ to ‘multinational chains’, from helping clients achieve their dreams of opening their first restaurant to fast-growing franchises, we’ve helped all types of buyers and sellers maximize their money in the competitive game of hospitality real estate with our specialized industry knowledge.  Our areas of expertise include:

• Confidentiality Agreements & Absolute Discretion
• Insurance Requirements & High-Risk Policies
• Obtaining Small Business Loan Financing
• Navigating Bulk Sales Act Transactions
• AGCO Liquor License Transfers and Applications
• Lease & Sale Negotiations
• Managing Provincial & Municipal Restrictions
• Franchise Disclosure Documents (The Arthur Wishart Act)

In the best interests of our clients, and the highly confidential nature of our Hospitality Division listings, prospective purchasers and sellers are encouraged to contact us directly for a consultation.

We Help Franchisors and Franchisees Find Their Success Through Secure Partnerships & Agreements.
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We are a full-service real estate team that can help you navigate the mountainous terrain of commercial real estate.

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Real estate is a KEY component of a sound portfolio. Ask Warren Buffett.

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We offer a diversified set of skills, experience, and knowledge to franchisors who are committed to significant franchise sales growth.

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